Who Am I?

About Me

My name is Utkarsh Dayal and I'm an Electronics and Communication Undergraduate at NIT Kurukshetra. Started by hacking scores in Games and now developing Mobile Apps like a lunatic.

What I have to Offer?

Great deal of Technical Knowledge, Photo Editing, Graphic Designing, UI-UX Designing, Sound Editing, Snapchat Lens Creation. Music + Code + Coffee = Heaven

Hobbies other than Coding????

Hell Yeah!! I'm a proud Cinephile but always struggling to find a good new Series, all the good ones already seen. Melophile, Gamer.

What am I upto Now-a-days????

10-May-2021...iOS Developer Intern @LBrands. Exploring iOS Environment, Making and posting Wallpapers on Reddit, playing Halo.